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How We Create Winning E-Commerce Solutions.

Proven Results

Virtucom Group is the most effective choice for building and maintaining online product content. Proven results in achieving maximum conversion rates and profitability is why more multichannel e-commerce companies use Virtucom Group to create their custom product content.

Virtucom Group's customers demand maximum return on investment from their content dollars. From Best Buy and Magnolia to Barnes & Noble and Toys R Us, Virtucom Group is helping leading commerce companies maximize success in the online channel.

Why do e-commerce companies choose Virtucom Group to create and manage their online product content? E-commerce companies often engage Virtucom Group with a desire for a cost-effective solution to create large product catalogs quickly. As they measure the difference in conversion and attachment rates, they develop conclusive evidence that Virtucom Group's approach to complete, accurate, consistent and branded content pulls higher conversion rates.

E-commerce companies work with Virtucom Group to achieve higher conversion and attachment rates, lower return rates and more satisfied customers. And at the same time they continue to experience lower cost, faster time to market and uncompromising commitment to their brand.

With drop-ship and other deep assortment strategies becoming more popular among the big names of the online commerce world, many of the same products are featured on several web sites. It is now even more important for companies to differentiate product information to reflect their brand promise. Failure to do so forces e-commerce companies to compete on price alone.

Why Virtucom Group

Category Requirements: The path to consistency

Virtucom Group pioneered the use of category guidelines, a process that defines all requirements for content building within a category. Category guidelines ensure every component of the product record meets requirements. Product title formulas score high in relevancy rankings on popular search engines; lead-in sentences compel users to view product detail pages; descriptions extend the retail brand and position key value points; feature/benefit statements explain the value of product functions; and normalized product attributes level the playing field for comparison functionality.

Brand Extension: Differentiating brands with every customer touch point

E-commerce companies support the brand in part with key characteristics that define a look and feel. This is evident in the colors, graphics, words and sounds they extend to every customer touch point. Effective online product content reflects the retailer's brand characteristics, not the manufacturer's. This is a subtle but important key feature of Virtucom Group's approach.

Accuracy: A fundamental component to customer satisfaction

E-commerce companies have virtually unlimited options to deepen online assortments. As volume demands increase, some are considering syndicated or aggregated product content. While less costly, these sources often deliver content with numerous inaccuracies that drive product return rates up and customer satisfaction down.

Because aggregated content is scraped from manufacturer web sites, it contains unsubstantiated claims and ambiguous terms that become associated with the retailer, not the manufacturer. With syndicated content, you receive only the content, not the product source material. This makes it impossible to determine what product information points are missing from the product record. It also makes it difficult to feature source material that online customers seek, such as owner's manuals, installation guides and warranty documents.

Our clients understand the value of content that is accurate, complete, consistent and reflective of their brand. They understand the value because they measure and compare it to options previously used.

Working with Virtucom Group

Focus: We take the heavy lifting out of e-commerce

When e-commerce companies engage Virtucom Group to create product content, internal resources can focus on selecting product and determining placement, price and promotion. Our clients tell us that when they utilize our services, internal merchandising and marketing resources can do what they do faster, better and more efficiently. Our services free these resources to focus on what distinguishes one brand from another, namely product assortment, placement, promotion, pricing and the total shopping experience that keeps customers returning... often.

Time to Market: Launching products the moment they’re available

Time to market is critical. If it takes an internal department weeks instead of days to create product content, sales opportunities are lost to the competition. An important value proposition in working with Virtucom Group is time. Time to get product content accurate and complete the first time. Time to allow e-commerce companies to focus on what they do best. Time to get to market first.

Process Flexibility: Content delivered your way

We build and deliver content the way you need it. That may require delivering finished product records to your content management system using XML. Or you may require Virtucom Group to work remotely within your content management system to build and approve content. We currently work remotely with leading content management systems including IBM WebSphere Product Center, BroadVision and Content Server. You may also choose to use Virtucom’s web-based ap-proval system prior to receiving a final delivery of approved content. No matter what your process requirements are, Virtucom Group will develop an effective solution to exceed your expectations.

Experience: Proven track record of building online profitability for retail

Virtucom Group drives online success for retail giants such as Best Buy and Office Depot as well as specialists such as Toys 'R Us and Academy Sports. Our clients know that selecting the right partner to build online product content makes the difference between success and mediocrity. Clients know that Virtucom Group delivers more than category knowledge and outstanding copywriting capabilities.

Virtucom Group also brings deep expertise in structuring content for maximum relevancy and effectiveness, within your web site and on popular search engines.

We invite you to learn why more e-commerce companies who measure content effectiveness choose Virtucom Group.