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Normalization and migration by real people. Virtucom Group's team will cleanse your data and ensure seamless integration into any system.

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Continually growing and evolving product assortments, perpetually shifting user experience needs and the wonder of drop-ship capability are three solid reasons you need accurate, consistent, complete, smarter content — which is exactly what we do best at Virtucom Group.

Attribute Modeling

Attribute Modeling

Build your brand on the solid bedrock of a fully realized collection taxonomy created for you by Virtucom Group.

Virtucom Group offers years of experience creating and maintaining collection taxonomies for dozens of leading multichannel retailers. We have crafted thousands of product categories with full attribute coverage, facet navigation assignments, normalized lists of values and more.

Our process in building your complete product attribute catalog is flexible and adaptive to your unique systematic and preference requirements, allowing for customization to suit any display standards in place today.

Hierarchy Design

Let your web display hierarchy be a beacon of clarity to your savvy consumers who are looking for a specific product. Virtucom Group creates optimized, intuitive product hierarchies to support a streamlined user experience and ensure your customers find the product or product type they seek.

Half the battle is won by customers knowing they can find a product on your site — you want to make sure you cinch that win with a web display hierarchy that takes them where they need to go.

Faceted Navigation

Variety is the spice of life, but too many choices with too little specificity can be overwhelming for consumers. Help your site’s guests narrow the playing field with faceted navigation, which isolates and locates products based on their unique attributes.

Virtucom Group’s standard taxonomy and attribute model creation services include the definition of all category-faceting attributes in our deliverables, though we also provide evaluation and redefinition services for existing site facets, with comprehensive recommendations for streamlining the navigation of your site.

Customized Data Feeds

Trying to manage multiple partner feeds, with unique data requirements for each? Virtucom Group's proven data management solutions will bring organization to disparate sources. Our solutions are designed to ingest your existing data feeds and create customized and distributable data feeds that meet the exact specifications required for ingestion into partner systems.

We are experts in data mapping, data normalization and custom data feed development - let us manage your data while you focus on growing your business.

Data Cleansing

Does your website's faceted navigation filters contain all of your products? Too often missing or inconsistently formatted attribute values result in failed opportunities for faceted navigation filters to present your customers with all products in your assortment.

Virtucom Group offers granular data analysis to identify and fill these gaps, and normalize your existing data, to provide your customers with a consistent and accurate online experience.

Upgrade your data with a complete catalog overhaul that includes normalized, filter-friendly data from established lists of values that ensure your site facets and cross-sell opportunities represent your entire product assortment.

Migration Services

Implementing a new PIM or CMS? Virtucom Group works directly with many partner systems to execute seamless processes for systems integration and usability, ensuring your existing data meets new systems requirements in time for your new system to launch.

Our proprietary tools, approval systems and vendor portal applications support customized functions to sync with your existing and new systems, providing the full efficiencies of the Virtucom Group tool base with no internal IT development required to complete your data migration.

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Hierarchy Attribute Design

Virtucom Group has partnered with dozens of leading multichannel retailers in the US and Canada to optimize site navigation and overall customer experience through refined hierarchy design and category attribute modeling.

We have our taxonomy creation practices down to a science! Though, within that science, we maintain flexibility to adapt the body of work to your unique requirements and systems which will be different from any other e-commerce firm - limitations, style, presentation, business rules, etc.


We define best practices surrounding every category in your assortment.

Hierarchy Design

Our taxonomy specialists drill down categories, which will hold every product in your future catalog.

Attribute Modeling

Attributes are defined based on facet, search and compare usage. They are supported by normalized lists of values and field types to ensure consistent display of the data.


A complete taxonomy is delivered to you and we'll help you implement it into any new or existing PIM.