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At Virtucom Group, we're not afraid to go the extra mile to create content that delivers. That's why our blog covers not only our everyday areas of expertise - such as content marketing - but also industry-specific resources, newsworthy subjects and other relevant topics. Here's a sampling of some of the subjects you'll see on our blog:

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Covering the hottest topics across the many industries we serve, our most popular blog posts can help you perfect your brand's digital presence at every level.

Keep Your Website Copy Alive with These Evergreen Content Writing Tips: Time-sensitive content deserves a place in your blog strategy, but content that retains its value over time - known as evergreen content - is arguably even more important. Here, you'll learn the basics of evergreen content creation.

5 Of The Worst Business Blog Mistakes Your Content Writers Are Making: This post explores five of the most common mistakes that might be hampering the growth of your business blog.

Hire Content Writers Who Can Write For Your Brand Persona: Your brand persona is what makes your company unique. Learn why it's essential that the content writers you hire can craft content with your business's unique voice in mind.

Content Writers' Complete 2018 Guide To Buyer Personas: No digital marketing content strategy is complete without buyer personas, which help guide every step of the content creation process. Here, blogging beginners can learn how to create a comprehensive buyer persona from scratch.

Don't Buy Articles, Buy Content Development Strategy: Buying articles here and there may seem convenient, but without a fully developed blog strategy, your content is unlikely to reach the masses. Here, you'll find out how a copywriting agency can provide you with both high-quality content and a strategy that will deliver the results you're looking for.

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