Our service collects raw product information and digital assets from suppliers, then the product information is quality checked for accuracy and completeness. Finally, the information is structured for retailer specific data models

Retailers have the option to receive content services and data solutions at no added charge

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When product introductions are delayed, it's the customer that suffers most.


Online sales depend on accurate product information. But what happens when information is delayed, inaccurate or incomplete? Time to market slows to a crawl, internal resources are strained and customers grow frustrated.


A fully managed service built on nearly two decades of relationships with retailers and suppliers, Virtucom ProdX ensures quality control at every level.

  • Suppliers
  • Retailers

Move more product.

Get ready to move your business forward. Eliminate the day-to-day chore of populating data fields, repeating information requests and other tasks that strain internal resources.

Additional Benefits

Increase conversion rates.

Unlike costly inefficiencies experienced by standard practices, our specialists collect product data and assets from suppliers, quality control it, and then normalize it to fit your schema.

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